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The orbifold S2/A4; made with Mathematica 11.
The orbifold <b>S</b><sup>2</sup>/A<sub>4</sub>; made with Mathematica 11.

My research interests include data analysis (especially related to drought data), generalisations of smooth structures (e.g. diffeology, differential spaces, stacks, orbifolds) and Lie groupoids with applications to Lie group actions, symplectic geometry, and Hamiltonian group actions. Click on one of my research topics below to learn more about it.


My Erdös number is 4!
Preprints of most of my papers can be found on the arXiv.

Select Talks:

  • When is a Symplectic Quotient a Diffeological Orbifold?: Slides
  • Weak Equivalences between Action Groupoids: Slides
  • Diffeological Groupoids: Slides
  • Sheaves, principal bundles, and Čech cohomology for diffeological spaces: Tablet Notes
  • Bredon Cohomology for Transitive Groupoids: Slides
  • Data Science & Drought, or How a Mathematician can be Useful in the Real World: Slides
  • Classifying Spaces of Diffeological Groups: Slides
  • Lie Group Actions and Differentiability Beyond Manifolds: Slides
  • Symplectic Quotients & Representability: Slides
  • Tame Circle Actions: Slides
  • The Differential Structure of an Orbifold: Slides
  • Coarse Moduli Spaces of Stacks over Manifolds: Slides
  • Basic Differential Forms on a Proper Lie Groupoid: Slides
  • Differential Forms on Symplectic Quotients: Slides

Unpublished Stuff: