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This orbifold is diffeomorphic to R3/Oh, where Oh is the full octahedral group; made with Mathematica 11.

This orbifold is (diffeomorphic to) <b>R</b><sup>3</sup>/O<sub>h</sub>, where O<sub>h</sub> is the (full) octahedral group; made with Mathematica 11.

The CMU Math Department offers the seminars above, and all are welcome to attend, especially students! Seminars allow the audience to experience perspectives and ideas that may not be found within our department, pushing us to expand our point-of-view and to network with other mathematicians.

Seminars and conferences I have organised or co-organised

I am also a guest editor for Gone Fishing, SIGMA Special Issue, a collection of papers by participants of the Gone Fishing conferences from 2011-2016, pertaining to topics relevant to the conferences.