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This orbifold is (diffeomorphic to) R3/T, where T is the full tetrahedral group; made with Mathematica 11.
This orbifold is (diffeomorphic to) <b>R</b><sup>3</sup>/T, where T is the tetrahedral group; made with Mathematica 11.

Reference Letters:

I have written many reference letters for students over the years. If you need a (confidential) one for a scholarship, job, graduate application, etc., and you feel that I would write you a strong letter (e.g. you achieved an A in one of my in-person courses) then feel free to ask me. Please give me at least 4 weeks notice to write a letter. If I agree, then I will need the following documents and information:

  1. deadline;
  2. who the letter is for;
  3. CV or résumé;
  4. other application materials you are comfortable sharing, such as an unofficial transcript, research statement, etc.;
  5. instructions on where to send the letter (often this comes in the form of an automated email if you are applying to grad school, for example). Note: I will not send the letter to you.


If you are a member of the LGBTQ community and looking to meet other members and/or allies in STEM majors and fields at CMU, try oSTEM!