... the kindling of a flame

Undergraduate students

Jason Smolinski (Summer 2004, Adjunct Professor at Calvin College, MI)
Stephen Daunheimer (Summer 2005, Engineer at Intel Corporation)
John Burdette (Summer 2005 and 2006, Mathematics and Science Center - Battle Creek)
Daniel Simon (2006-07) with M. Tecklenburg (CMU-CHM)
Troy Lyons (2011-15, Engineer at NASA Glenn Center)
Gary Cheng (2014-15, Graduate student at Stanford)
T. Ethan Stearns (2018-21)
Dakota Keblbeck (Summer 2022) with M. Redshaw)
Xander Ault (Summer 2022)

Graduate students (MS and Ph.D.)

Monica Ghita (2002-04, Faculty, Virgina Commonwealth University)
Buddhi Man Rai (2003-05, Instructor, University of Hawaii Maui College)
Alan O'Keefe (2006-07, Instructor at Lansing Comm. College, MI)
David Price (2006-07)
J. Brian Hancock (M.S. 2010-12, Faculty at Alma College)
Andrew Supka (Science of Advanced Materials Ph.D. 2014-18)
Rajendra Paudel (2015-17, Ph.D. student at Auburn University)
Sharad Mahatara (2016-17, Ph.D. student at New Mexico State U.)
Luca Bonaldo (2020-present, Science of Advanced Materials Ph.D.)