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MATH 3430 - Ordinary Differential Equations - Section 002 - Fall 2015

Welcome to the course webpage! Please read the syllabus, available from the right menu, for policies and more information pertaining to this course.

Course Information

  • Time & Location: MWF 2:00-2:50pm in MUEN E431.
  • Instructor: Jordan Watts
  • Email: jordan DOT watts AT colorado*
  • Office Hours: MW 10:00-10:50
  • Office: Room 202, Math Building


  • Calculus 3 (MATH 2400 or APPM 2350) and Linear Algebra (MATH 3130, APPM 3310, or APPM 2360)


  • Martin Braun, Differential Equations and Their Applications, 4th Edition, Springer, 1993.


Assessment Percent of Final Grade
Final Exam 30%
Term Tests (3) 45% (15% each)
Quizzes (6) 25%

Regrading Policy

If you feel that there is an error in the grading of your quiz or exam, please see your instructor immediately after your graded work is returned to you. After you leave the classroom with your quiz or midterm, regrading is no longer possible. There is no need to explain what you "meant" since your solutions should be sufficiently clear to begin with. Note that regrading is very strict, and your grade will be lowered if it is found that the graders were overly-generous or that you are simply trying to get extra points without good reason.

*Email Policy

If you wish to email me, replace "AT" with "@", "DOT" with "." and append ".edu". Note that you should always use your account to email me; if you don't, I will respond asking you to. If you wish to ask an administrative type question, make sure that it is not answered on this website first. Also, I will not answer complicated math-related questions by email. You should either ask me after class, come to my office hours, or make an appointment. Thank you for your understanding.