meI've been an Assistant Professor of Meteorology at CMU since Summer 2018. In my four years at CMU, I've taught classes for MET majors on Dynamic and Physical Meteorology (MET 320, 330, 335), and Meteorological Instrumentation and Observations (MET 312), in addition to an introductory course on Severe and Unusual Weather (MET 140). My research spans mesoscale dynamics, with recent foci including the thermodynamics of thunderstorm outflow airmasses and coastal boundary layers and their role in convection initiation. I involve students in my research through NSF funding and the CMU-STORM (Student Training for Observational Research in Meteorology) program that I developed and direct. Information on specific current and former projects is available on my Research page.

My training prior to joining the faculty at CMU includes a postdoc in the Severe Storms Research Group at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a visiting graduate fellowship at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, completion of graduate research at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the groups of Drs. Dave Kristovich and Bob Rauber, and a B.S. in Meteorology from SUNY Oswego.


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