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Visual Interface Evaluation for Wearables (VIEW)

On this page, we make our human subject experimentation data sets publicly available. We employ the overall approach described in [1] to generate data sets for traditional (AR-VIEW) and spherical (SAR-VIEW) content. The data (stored in the SQLite database files for convenience) for each subject comprises the ratings and EEG measurements:

Individual subject ratings table format.
Field Type Description
filename TEXT Name of the image file shown
image TEXT Decription / image name
level INTEGER Impairment level
starttime REAL Presentation start timestamp
endtime REAL Presentation end timestamp
rating INTEGER User rating for the medium
Individual subject EEG table format.
Field Type Description
time REAL Measurement timestamp
low{1⁢…⁢4}REAL Low bands (2.5-6.1 Hz)
alpha{1⁢…⁢4} REAL Alpha bands (7.5-13 Hz)
beta{1⁢…⁢4} REAL Beta bands (13-30 Hz)
delta{1⁢…⁢4} REAL Delta bands (1-4 Hz)
gamma{1⁢…⁢4} REAL Gamma bands (30-44 Hz)
theta{1⁢…⁢4} REAL Theta bands (4-8 Hz)

A more detailed description can be found in [1]. We would be thankful if you would cite the following paper(s) when utilizing our data set:
[1] B. Bauman and P. Seeling, “Visual Interface Evaluation for Wearables Datasets: Predicting the Subjective Augmented Vision Image QoE and QoS,” Future Internet, vol. 9, no. 3, p. 40, Jul. 2017 [Online]. Available:

AR Data Set

Download the SQLite database file here. (About 25 MB)

Spherical AR Data Set

Download the SQLite database file here. (About 25 MB)