The Mahon Laboratory

Welcome to the Mahon Laboratory in the Department of Biology at Central Michigan Univeristy!

Lab News:  This fall, members of the Mahon laboratory will participate in an NSF sponsored research cruise to Antarctica! Follow our adventures on Twitter @CMU_Antarctica and also follow the hashtag #IcyInverts to keep up with the trip! We leave September 20, 2020 and will return December 15, 2020.

Additionally, we will be collaborating with scientists from the University of Alabama and Auburn University. The science team will be posting a blog with stories, photos, videos, etc. from the field at our group website

The Mahon lab at CMU focuses on using molecular genetic and genomic tools to explore biodiversity, evolution, and phylogeography. Additionally, we use molecular tools for surveillance and monitoring of rare species in aquatic and marine environments.

For student information, see the Student Opportunities page.