Peg Solitaire

The term "peg solitaire" refers to those games played on a board with markers, usually pegs or marbles. The basic rule is to jump one peg over another and to remove the jumped peg, as in checkers or draughts.

There are two versions of peg solitaire discussed here: (1) the triangular version and (2) the English (or cross) version.

Here are some notes (html format) that I have developed for the 15-hole triangular board . These notes are extensions of some lectures that I have given to 7th-grade classes in the Arlington area.

I've also given some more advanced lectures on the 15-hole triangular board. Here are slides from a talk that I gave at Alma College in December 1999.

Here are some notes on the English board that I developed for my Recreational Mathematics classes.

English Board notes-- .dvi format

English Board notes-- .pdf format

There are several good reference books on the English board. The best one is "The Ins and Outs of Peg Solitaire" by John Beasley, and published by Oxford University Press. Unfortunately, it is out of print. The book "Winning Ways for Your Mathematical Plays" by E. R. Berlekamp, J. H. Conway, and R. Guy, has one chapter devoted to peg solitaire; it is published by Academic Press. Klutz Press has a book entitled simply "Peg Solitaire". This book, aimed at younger readers, comes with two boards bound into the book, pegs, and a pouch for holding the pegs.

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